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The phenomenon of oil gun jumping when refueling. So why?
Release Date: 2021-8-25

I believe many owners will notice a problem when refueling, that is, every time when refueling, to the required amount of oil, or when filling up, there will be the phenomenon of oil gun jump gun. So why? Why is it automatic?


In order to avoid excessive internal pressure, the upper part of the tank generally needs to leave some space for gasoline. This is not actually included in the rated capacity of the tank. There will be a liquid level control valve in the calibrated capacity of the tank. When the liquid level reaches the nozzle of the liquid level pipe, the refueling breathing and exhaust will be blocked by the fuel, and the oil level will cumulative trigger the jump gun in the refueling pipe. And the gas station oil gun also has a trigger device, can automatically jump gun.

Oil gun structure

In the process of refueling, the steel ball of the self-sealing chamber sticks to the main control rod (switch), and the gasoline is pumped out by the oil valve. When the oil flows out of the oil pipe back valve, the air is driven to flow, and the suction pipe is inspirated through the suction nozzle. After the valve is opened, when the oil level reaches the suction hole during the refueling, the air is forced into the backflow valve from the self-sealing chamber. After lifting the self-sealing diaphragm, the steel ball is released from the control rod and the refueling is disconnected.

Grease gun at work

Many people reported jumping guns while refueling. They thought they were stealing oil. The gas gauge keeps going, while the oil gun stops and stops, and it doesn't actually make much of a difference. But to prevent that from happening, it's safer to watch from the sidelines. The abnormal gun jumping phenomenon may be caused by the failure to adopt the national standard oil gun, the blockage of the carbon tank and its pipeline system, or the excessive pressure in the filling station.