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  • 2021-8-25
    The phenomenon of oil gun jumping when refueling. So why?
    I believe many owners will notice a problem when refueling, that is, every time when refueling, to the required amount of oil, or when filling up, there will be the phenomenon of oil gun jump gun. So why? Why is it automatic? 汽车燃油主入口 In order to avoid excessive internal pressure, the upper part of the tank generally needs to leave some space for gasoline. This is not actually included in the rated capacity of the tank. There will be a liquid level control valve in the calibrated capacity of the tank. When the liquid level reaches the nozzle of the liquid level pipe, the refueling breathing and exhaust will be blocked by the fuel, and the oil level will cumulative trigger the jump gun in the refueling pipe. And the gas station oil gun also has a trigger device, can au

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  • 2021-8-25
    Domestic finished oil prices or six consecutive rise after work to refueling?
    At 24:00 on January 29, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window will open again. It is estimated that this round of gasoline and diesel retail price increase will be about 80-100 yuan/ton, which will be the first "six consecutive increases" since the implementation of the current price adjustment mechanism in the spring of 2013. In this cycle, Iraq plans to cut production to 3.6 million barrels a day in January and February, which means the country's oil output will fall to its lowest level since early 2015. In addition, the decline of CRUDE oil inventories in the United States and the further decline of crude oil exports planned by Russian Oil companies in February make the international oil prices maintain the trend of volatile rise, and the reference rate of domestic oi

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