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TD-11B Automatic Nozzles


TD-11B Automatic Nozzles are designed specially for self-service prepay of card-lock system to help prevent gas aoline spills The TD-11B can not be opened until the pumping sy stem is pressurized and closes automatically when the pressure is removed. This means the tD-11B is closed when placed back to the dispenser Accurate flow control allows your customers to fuel their tank to the exact they want, and it's easy to stop gasoline flow precisely

Technical specifications

Model TD-20A/TD-20C TD-20A1 TD-11B MD-120/MD-7HB
 Inlet BSPF/NPT ¾'' BSPF/NPT ¾'' BSPF/NPT ¾'' BSPF/NPT 1 "
 Diameter of spout 13/16 '' & 15/16 '' 21mm 13/16 '' & 15/16 ''  17/16 '' & 19/16 ''
 Color of insulator  red/green/blue/yellow/black
 Dimension 42X34X37cm 42X34X40cm
 Net Weight 12Kg 12Kg 12Kg 15Kg
 Gross Weight 13Kg 13Kg 13Kg 16Kg
 Package  10PCS/CTN