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TD-20A Automatic Nozzle


TD-20A Automatic Nozzles are made of alloy aluminum and designed with today's customer in mind. Small, trim, light weight, easy and convenient to use TD-20C Automatic nozzle is improved on base of Td- 20a nozzle with advantage of easy control on low flow rate and automatic shuf-off when spout points to horizon It can well meet EN 131012 European standard

Technical specifications

Model TD-20A/TD-20C TD-20A1 TD-11B MD-120/MD-7HB
 Inlet BSPF/NPT ¾'' BSPF/NPT ¾'' BSPF/NPT ¾'' BSPF/NPT 1 "
 Diameter of spout 13/16 '' & 15/16 '' 21mm 13/16 '' & 15/16 ''  17/16 '' & 19/16 ''
 Color of insulator  red/green/blue/yellow/black
 Dimension 42X34X37cm 42X34X40cm
 Net Weight 12Kg 12Kg 12Kg 15Kg
 Gross Weight 13Kg 13Kg 13Kg 16Kg
 Package  10PCS/CTN